Forecasting flows at even more locations

Photo of river and trees

Murray River, Pinjarra WA, (photographer: Paul Feikema)

We recently expanded our streamflow forecasting services, providing greater guidance about likely water availability to water managers and decision-makers.

Seasonal streamflow forecasts
Fourteen new locations were added to the seasonal streamflow forecasting service in November 2016, substantially expanding this service in southwest Western Australia. There are now 161 seasonal streamflow forecast locations around the country.

New experimental locations were also released for testing, with 22 new sites being tested by registered users in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Registered users can now access more than 300 forecast locations.

7-day streamflow forecasts
We also expanded our 7-day streamflow forecasting service in March 2017, adding 20 new catchments to the service following three months' testing by registered users.

The new catchments are located in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, with 30 forecast locations spread across the 20 catchments.

Forecasts are now available to the public for 133 locations and to registered users for 163 locations around Australia.

Email us at water_ssf(at) to access experimental forecasts for either streamflow forecasting service as a registered user.

Access the 7-day streamflow forecasts
Access the seasonal streamflow forecasts