Let's talk water quality

Man looking at water in a large measuring cylinder

Checking water contamination. Courtesy: CSIRO, Water Research

The Bureau of Meteorology is working with GHD to engage with users across Australia in the Water Quality Road Map Consultation. This study will help us guide and design improvements in national water quality information and related services.

We would like your input to this work and want to hear about:
  • what type of water quality information you require?
  • how you currently access this information and how you would like to access it in the future?
  • what would make water quality information more relevant for your work? 
How do you engage?
If you currently use or are planning to use water quality information, we'd like to invite you to participate in our online survey. The survey will be online in the next few weeks and take 10–20 minutes to complete.
To participate, please contact Kylie.May@ghd.com and we will send you the online survey link.
For any other questions, please contact Ulrike.Bende-Michl@bom.gov.au
Thanks in advance for helping improve our national information services for water quality and quantity.