Dive into our deepest pool of surface water information

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Our Regional Water Information web pages have been updated with surface water resource information for 2016–17. 

This valuable information source can be used to assess the water situation in various areas across Australia, like we've done in this chart for Victoria.
Although more than 50 per cent of streamflow sites recorded lower than mean flows for nine months, as shown in the map, the combined storage volumes rarely dropped below 60 per cent of capacity (bottom two lines of the chart above). 
You can explore each of nine variables in up to nine different ways. This includes rainfall, streamflow, runoff, soil moisture, water storages, groundwater, salinity and more. You can look at these across various geographic areas, ranging from 218 river regions to 13 States and Territories, and compare current values to a range of historical references.

Regional Water Information is part of a suite of three water assessment products available from the Bureau's website:
These products have wide application, from drawing up local and regional water assessments to state of the environment reporting. In addition, they have been used to understand the influence of climate on the demand for fertiliser products and indigenous tourism industries.