Geofabric data now more accessible

Map with stream network and catchment boundaries highlighted

Geofabric stream network and catchment boundaries

The Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric, or Geofabric, is now available in a transfer format known as an ESRI Shapefile. This format caters for users who do not have access to ESRI ArcGIS software.

The Geofabric was publicly released in October 2010. It is a specialised Geographic Information System (GIS) that shows spatial relationships and connections between hydrological features such as rivers, dams, reservoirs and catchments.

Users can request access to the ESRI Shapefile by going to the Geofabric downloads page. Documentation to assist users with the Shapefile format is distributed with the data.

The Geofabric team is developing a range of web services that will allow users to view aspects of the Geofabric products from a web browser. Stay tuned for further updates in enGauge.