Changes proposed to Water Regulations metadata

The Bureau is proposing changes to each of the nine data categories in the Water Regulations 2008.

The metadata detail required to accompany each observation (data file) is proposed to change significantly. A draft list has been drawn up for Category 1a Watercourse level that features 35 metadata elements. The Bureau expects to draft metadata lists for all Regulations subcategories over the coming two years.

In December 2010, the proposed changes were published online in Water Information Bulletin 7. All persons named in the Regulations, as well as relevant industry organisations, were notified and provided with an email address for feedback.

The Bureau is collating and considering feedback from stakeholders and will publish a written response to questions and submissions online in late March 2011. This will be available at

Once the amendments are made, a grace period will allow data providers to make the necessary changes to their data provision.