Weekly water market reports available

National Water Market website

National Water Market website

Weekly water market reports are now available on the National Water Market website. The reports present trade volume and price data for allocations and entitlements, assisting water traders and users to make more efficient business decisions.

The reports are generated using data compiled by the Bureau of Meteorology. The Bureau has worked closely with the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities and water authorities to develop the reports.

Data is reported for all States and Territories except New South Wales and Queensland. Data for these States is expected to be available in coming weeks.

The website forms part of the National Water Market System (NWMS), a $56 million Australian Government Water for the Future investment designed to develop a faster, more efficient and nationally focused water market system. NWMS will address differences between water registers in each State and Territory, and their varying capacity to inform the market and support interstate water trade.

NWMS aims to ensure:

  • up-to-date information about the water market is easily accessible and readily available, increasing market transparency and allowing for more informed water trading decisions
  • each jurisdiction has a high-performing water register that accurately records water rights and supports water accounting and resources management
  • transaction times for trades and other dealings are not limited by water register processes or functions.

More information about the NWMS is available on the website.