New experimental seasonal streamflow forecast sites

Map of experimental seasonal streamflow forecast site areas

Map of experimental seasonal streamflow forecast site areas

The Bureau's experimental seasonal streamflow forecasting service now has 15 sites to test new forecast locations, with plans for another ten to be added in the September forecast release. The forecasts estimate streamflows over the next three months based on climate and catchment conditions.

There are two forecast sites in North Queensland in the Barron and Burdekin River basins, ten sites in New South Wales in the Richmond, Gwydir, Macquarie, Manning, Lachlan, Shoalhaven, Murrumbidgee and Upper Murray River basins, and three sites in Victoria in the Yarra River basin.

Locations selected as experimental sites must have at least 30 years of information and gauging stations that provide real-time data.

The experimental forecasts are available to stakeholders who register to access a secure website. The transition of information from the experimental website to the operational service and public website is subject to feedback from stakeholders about whether the experimental sites are the most suitable locations.

Seasonal streamflow forecasts for 13 sites and eight major storages in the south-east Murray–Darling Basin are available on the Bureau's seasonal streamflow forecast website .

Current information shows that from August–October 2011, median flows are likely for the Loddon basin, near median to high flows are likely for the Murrumbidgee basin, with high flows likely for the remaining basins.