Australia's first National Water Account published

A river surrounded by trees with the heading National Water Account 2010 and a list of regions in the report

National Water Account 2010 published

The National Water Account 2010 reports on Australia's water resources in 2009–10. It is a new publication that presents a set of regional water accounting reports similar in style to financial accounting reports.

The Bureau of Meteorology prepared the National Water Account 2010 in partnership with 30 water agencies across Australia, with contributions from a further seven organisations. It provides information that has previously been difficult to access or unavailable to general users in a standardised form.

The National Water Account will inform water resources planning, water markets, investment and environmental management decisions, as well as research and discussion within governments and the community.

A quick guide is available to help new users navigate the information.

Publishing the National Water Account is a statutory obligation of the Bureau of Meteorology under the Commonwealth Water Act 2007 . It is an annual publication for the period from 1 July to 30 June.

Over the next few years, the National Water Account will evolve, becoming more comprehensive.

The National Water Account 2010 is now available.