Water Storage welcomes new arrival

Screen shot of the Water Storage website for West Gellibrand

Water storage information for West Gellibrand Reservoir

Water Storage now includes data from the Barwon Region Water Corporation (Barwon Water).

Water Storage, available on the Bureau’s website and downloadable as an iPhone app, provides Australians with access to information about major water storages around the nation. It contains storage level data for more than 250 publicly-owned lakes, reservoirs and weirs.

Barwon Water is the seventeenth water management authority that sends water storage information to the Bureau for processing and publication. Thanks to its data, the website now includes water storage information for Upper Stony Creek No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, Bostock Reservoir, Wurdee Boluc Reservoir, West Gellibrand Reservoir, Korweinguboora Reservoir and West Barwon Reservoir.

The website provides water storage information for the entire country, drainage divisions, major water supply systems, states, capital cities and individual storages. It allows comparisons between storages, and tracks changes over the previous year, month and week.

Read the fact sheet (345KB) to find out more about the Water Storage website or use the Quick Guide (1MB) to navigate the site.