Wetter in the west and tropical north

National map of probability of exceeding median rainfall

National map of probability of exceeding median rainfall

The next three months are likely to be wetter than usual in western parts of Australia and the tropical north, according to the Bureau's national rainfall outlook for February to April 2012.

The chances of receiving above median rainfall during this period are between 60% and 70% over most of Western Australia and the northern parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

In contrast, slightly drier than usual conditions are expected in areas of South Australia where the chance of above normal rainfall is 40% or, in other words, the chance of below normal rainfall is 60%.

The Bureau's latest seasonal temperature outlook indicates that warmer days are more likely over southeastern Australia while cooler days and nights are expected over northwestern Australia.

The rainfall and temperature outlooks are based on the current state of the Pacific and Indian oceans. The main driver for these outlooks is the ongoing La Niña conditions, with warmer than usual water in the Indian Ocean and cooler than usual water in the central Pacific.