Water storage welcomes new arrivals

Bar graph showing percentage of national water storage

The Water Storage website shows live storage capacity on a bar graph

The Bureau's national Water Storage website has expanded its reach and now includes data from 19 providers.

This brings the total number of publicly-owned water storages reported on the website to 276, with further additions planned this year.

Information from Victoria’s North East Region Water Corporation (North East Water) is now available, featuring current water storage levels and volumes for Lake Kerford and McCall Say, Loombah and Nil Gully reservoirs. Storage information from Towoomba Regional Council for Cressbrook Creek, Perseverance and Cooby Creek were also added this week.

This follows the recent addition of Barwon Regional Water Corporation (Barwon Water). Several other data providers will be added in 2012 including Southern Rural Water (Victoria) and Gladstone Area Water Board (Queensland).

The water storage website, also available as an iPhone app, provides a snapshot of water storage levels and volumes for the entire country as well as drainage divisions, major water supply systems, states, capital cities and individual storages. It allows comparisons and tracks changes over the previous year, month and week.

Read the fact sheet to find out more about the Bureau’s Water Storage website or use the Quick Guide to navigate the site.