National Groundwater Information System

A project bringing together State and Territory groundwater data to improve our collective understanding of this resource throughout Australia is underway. The National Groundwater Information System aims to build a nationally consistent groundwater information system to produce water information and products.

The project’s first phase provides hydrogeological context for borehole information collected through the Water Regulations 2008, including groundwater level and pressure observations and groundwater use.

Phase two of the project is building standardised datasets for groundwater bore stratigraphy. It will result in a prototype database of jurisdiction datasets housed in a national repository. The datasets will be used to analyse and present three-dimensional aquifer volumes to enable the national assessment of groundwater resources in phase three. In addition, phase two will produce a National Aquifer Framework of common terminology and hydrogeologic units across Australia.

The Bureau is also implementing hosting arrangements for the Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems, which is being developed with funding support from the National Water Commission. For the first time, this national Atlas will collate relevant information on the hydrogeology and ecology of these ecosystems into one web-based location, to be hosted by the Bureau. The Atlas enables important links to be made between surface ecosystems and groundwater information, and will underpin future management systems to protect vulnerable environmental assets.