Lake Awoonga on Water Storage

View of Lake Awoonga

View of Lake Awoonga

The Bureau continues to expand the coverage of Water Storage, with data from a twentieth provider recently added.

Lake Awoonga in Queensland is the latest addition thanks to the support of Gladstone Area Water Board . Water levels and stored volumes in Lake Awoonga are now available through the Water Storage webpage and iPhone app.

With a capacity of 662 gigalitres, Lake Awoonga was the largest publicly-owned storage not included by Water Storage. Its recent addition brings the total number of publicly-owned water storages reported on the website to 277. The Bureau is actively collaborating with other water storage operators to further increase the number of storages reported.

Water Storage gives Australians access to harmonised, high quality water information at a single site. It reports both current and historical water storage levels and volumes for storages across the nation as well as reporting aggregate totals for drainage divisions, major water supply systems, states, capital cities and the entire country. It allows comparisons between storage levels, and tracks changes over the previous year, month and week.

Read the fact sheet to find out more about the Bureau’s Water Storage product or use the Quick Guide to navigate the site.