Water data for New South Wales Central Coast

Screensot from water storage website

Mardi water storage

A new urban water supply system in New South Wales has been added to the Bureau's Water Storage website. The three major dams in the system supply the large population centre of the Central Coast, north of Sydney.

The storages – Mangrove Creek, Mardi and Mooney Mooney – are owned andoperated jointly by the Gosford City and Wyong shire councils.


Mangrove Creek

  • Capacity 189 896 megalitres
  • Rose from 33.7 to 48.2 per cent capacity in the past year
  • Stores water until Mardi and Mooney Mooney dams are low


  • Capacity of 6475 megalitres
  • Supplies residents in Gosford and the Wyong Shire via the Mardi water treatment plant
  • Capacity fallen from 71.0 to 50.9 per cent in the past year

Mooney Mooney

  • Capacity of 4526 megalitres
  • Supplies water via the Somersby Water Treatment Plant
  • Capacity close to 100 per cent for the past year

In recent days a further storage, Lake Morris, has been added to the Water Storage website, bringing the total number of storages reported across Australia to 282. Lake Morris is owned and operated by Cairns Regional Council and has a capacity of 36 524 megalitres.

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