New arrivals to Water Storage

Screenshot showing the Fitzroy Barrage on the Water Storage website

Water storage levels for the Fitzroy Barrage

Three major water storages in the Rockhampton region have been added to the Bureau’s Water Storage site, bringing the total number of storages to 285.

New water storage Capacity
Fitzroy Barrage 59,375 ML
Mount Morgan No.7  2,896 ML
Kelly’s Offstream Storage 1,146 ML


The largest of these, Fitzroy Barrage, is a major storage of the region and supplies drinking water to Rockhampton and the surrounding areas of Gracemere, The Caves and Nerimbera, and agricultural water to rural users. It separates the upstream freshwater from the downstream tidal salt water on the Fitzroy River.

Mount Morgan No. 7 is known as the Mount. Morgan ‘Big Dam’ and was the last and largest of seven dams built on the Dee River by the Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Limited in 1900. The Big Dam is also reportedly the home of a small number of Johnston River freshwater crocodiles.

Kelly's Offstream Storage supplies water to the Woodbury treatment plant and stores raw water pumped from Water Park Creek and Sandy Creek 37 km north of Yeppoon.