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Did you know you can get 100 years of monthly rainfall data for Preston Reservoir free on the Bureau's website? Perhaps you're interested in daily maximum temperatures for Alice Springs in the 1880s, or minimum temperatures at Perisher.

The Bureau's Weather Station Directory provides all this and more. As part of our Climate Data Services we offer a huge range of past weather and climate information from our vast Australian climate data archive.

You can download daily and monthly rainfall, minimum and maximum temperatures, and solar exposure data files. Simply select the location (search by name, state or weather station number), the data type you are interested in, the time period over which you want the data, and the most suitable dataset for your needs.

Any data that is not available for free download, such as sunshine duration in Cairns, will be extracted promptly by our staff and charged at a cost recovery rate.

The good news is that the Bureau plans to make more and more of its climate data available for free so keep watching over the next 12–18 months.

Check out our climate data services today.