Exploring environmental monitoring sites

Screen shot of the Environmental Information Explorer website

over 36 000 sites that measure surface water.

Information from environmental monitoring sites across Australia is now available through the Bureau’s Environmental Information Explorer. Users of the web-based portal can identify where monitoring sites are located (e.g. stream gauges or weather stations), the observations and measurements taken, and the site operators and owners.

The Environmental Information Explorer includes three main catalogues:

  • Water resources stations catalogue with over 36 000 sites that measure surface water (streams, channels and water storages) and/or meteorological information.
  • Flood warning network of sites that provide data for the Bureau of Meteorology’s flood warnings services.
  • Climate reference network of 112 climate monitoring sites across Australia that provide homogenised, ground-based temperature records based on the Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature (ACORN–SAT) dataset.

Access the Environmental Information Explorer