Geofabric Version 2.1 released

Graphic showing the Geofabric Product stack

Expanding our knowledge of Australia’s water landscape.

Geofabric Version 2.1 further expands our knowledge of Australia’s water landscape. 

New features include: 

  • Hydrology Reporting Catchments: a simplification of the AHGFNode and AHGFLink features that give a dendritic representation of the node-link stream network topology.
  • Hydrology Reporting Regions: updates to some River Regions names and a graphical representation of Topographic Drainage Divisions and River Regions.
  • Surface Network: the addition of 479 ghost nodes linking stream gauge monitoring points to the AHGFNetworkStream surface network topology.
  • Surface Cartography and Surface Network: an update of the AHGFWaterbody feature class to include references to new water storages listed on the Bureau’s water storage website.

Updates have also been made to all layer files and documentation. There are two new tutorials.

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