New Climate Model Summary page

Thumbnail of new ENSO dial

New ENSO dials’ indicate the likelihood of a La Niña or El Niño event developing in the coming months.

The page provides Pacific and Indian Ocean outlooks for the coming six months, based on a survey of seven international climate models, including the Bureau’s POAMA model.

Australia’s climate is influenced by temperature patterns in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These ocean patterns form the basis of the Bureau’s rainfall and temperature outlooks to three months ahead.

Ocean temperature outlooks for the Indian and tropical Pacific Oceans for the next six months are displayed in several new formats, with associated commentary. You can also find detailed information across six tabs.

The Climate Model Summary page will be updated on a monthly basis around the 16th of the month (or the next working day). Regular users of the page will notice a slight change to the web address, so please update your bookmarks.