Six new water storages added

Thumbnail of Lal Lal water storage graphic

Five new water storages are located in the South-East Coast drainage division and are part of the Ballarat and District water supply system. They are:

Lal Lal reservoir, also known as Bungal Dam, is the largest of the five storages. The storage is fed by the West Moorabool River catchment, including water that spills from the Moorabool reservoir.

White Swan reservoir the second largest water storage in the system is essentially an off-stream storage, with a very small local catchment.

Moorabool reservoir is the third largest storage in the system. A pipeline from the reservoir delivers water into the channel system, which conveys flow to Pincotts reservoir and onwards to White Swan, Gong Gong and Kirks reservoirs.

Gong Gong reservoir, one of the oldest storages in the system, receives water from the Upper Yarrowee catchment and diversions from the Upper West Moorabool catchment via the Ballarat Channel system and Pincotts reservoir.

Wilsons reservoir is one of the seven storages that provide water supply for the Ballarat and District water supply system. Water from Wilsons reservoir is released to Lal Lal Creek, which then runs into Beales reservoir.

The sixth new water storage, Evansford reservoir, is located in the Murray-Darling drainage division. It is one of the oldest storages in the Central Highlands Water network and is part of the drinking water supply system for Maryborough town and district.