Examining the Environmental Accounts landscape

Flow chart of the Environmental accounting concept

Environmental accounting concept

The Environmental Accounts Landscape provides a starting point for understanding environmental accounting and summarises work undertaken to date in Australia and internationally.

The rationale for developing environmental accounts is that accounting principles provide a structured and standardised approach for organising information. Changes in the environment, ecosystems, and their functioning can therefore be tracked through time.

Currently, environmental accounts inform Australians about land use, water availability and its use, and trends in greenhouse gas emissions to name a few examples. Internationally, work is underway to produce environmental accounts on a range of topics.

The Environmental Accounts Landscape presents accounting frameworks and considerations for reporting on the natural environment and progressing the Environmental Accounts activity of the Australian Government’s National Plan for Environmental Information initiative. The frameworks and examples that are included in the publication are those that are widely used, are currently being developed, or are considered to have relevance to developing a general framework for Australian environmental accounting.

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