Three additional water storages added

water storage graph

Three major water storages managed by Hunter Water in NSW have been added to the Bureau’s Water Storage website.

These additions bring the total number of water storages on the site to 303.

Water StorageCapacity
Grahamstown Lake 182 401 ML
Chichester 21 482 ML
Seaham Weir 2 409 ML

The three additional water storages are located in the South-East drainage division and are part of the Newcastle water supply system.

Grahamstown Lake is the largest of Newcastle City's water supply storages. It is an off-river storage which primarily stores water from the Williams River at Seaham Weir. The storage serves as a volume buffer to maintain water supply in times of severe drought.

Chichester is the oldest and second largest of Newcastle City's water supply storages. The storage's catchment in the Barrington Tops National Park wilderness area represents one of the most pristine catchments in Australia, with large areas unaffected by human activity.

Seaham Weir limits the upstream movement of tidal saltwater on the Williams River, and serves as the pumped offtake point of raw water supply to the Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant and Grahamstown Dam.

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