Thursday, 9 May 2019

report cover Flooding in the Burdekin February 2019

Our  Water Focus Reports   provide insights into recent hydrological events. These concise reports combine information on rainfall, streamflow, water storage, and soil moisture to tell the story behind important water events as they happen. 

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Graph showing peak in Monthly Water Update usage corresponding with periods of high rainfall in the Lake Eyre Basin, with visits to the Lake Eyre Basin comprising most of the visits (approximately five times all the other drainage divisions combined).
Comparison of Monthly Water Update website traffic for Lake Eyre Basin with all other drainage divisions and rainfall

Our Monthly Water Update offers a quick overview of recent rainfall, streamflow, salinity and storage volumes across Australia. Each variable is compared to past conditions, so you can quickly see what happened in the previous month and how significant it was. 
Recent analysis showed that the Monthly Water Update is frequently being used to understand the situation in one of the driest basins in Australia.

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Friday, 13 April 2018

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Our Regional Water Information web pages have been updated with surface water resource information for 2016–17. 

This valuable information source can be used to assess the water situation in various areas across Australia, like we've done below for Victoria.

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Did you know, the National Performance Report 2016–17: urban water utilities covers 182 indicators used to evaluate water utilities' performance, over 12 years, for more than 20 million customers across Australia. 84 urban water service providers reported data in 2016–17. It provides annual benchmarking of utilities, with a comparison of urban water use and cost in major cities and towns. Click on the image to link to
Selected statistics from the 2017 Urban NPR

Australia's urban water service providers saved water in 2016–17 due to above-average spring and summer rainfall across large parts of Australia, according to the National performance report 2016–17: urban water utilities (2017 Urban NPR) released in early March. 
The 2017 Urban NPR compares the performance of 84 providers against 182 performance indicators, servicing more than 20 million people across Australia.

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Map of Australia showing breakdown of water sources for 2016–17. Visit
Total water sources in the National Water Account urban regions for 2016–17

The major urban regions of our 2017 National Water Account are now available, along with an urban overview
Applying the rigour and principles of financial accounting to water resources, these reports give detailed insight into the water situation for AdelaideCanberraMelbournePerthSouth East Queensland and Sydney for the previous financial year.

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