Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Purple plumbing pipes ready to lay
Purple pipes associated with the Phillip Island Recycled Water Scheme, Victoria. Source: Westernport Water

Desalinated and recycled water are used around Australia to diversify and reduce the impacts of climate variability on our water supplies.

Climate Resilient Water Sources provides information on recycled and desalinated water sources across Australia. It details how much water can be and is produced, where it is and how it is used, to support integrated water management and planning.

Read more about Climate Resilient Water Sources.

Katherine River © Sean Lawrie
Katherine River in flood, Northern Territory. Courtesy: Department of Environment and Natural Resources, © Sean Lawrie

Reports for the northern Australian Burdekin, Daly and Ord regions of our 2016 National Water Account are now available, along with a northern Australia overview.

Read more about accounting for water in northern Australia.

water sampling of groundwater
Groundwater chemistry sampling on an artesian bore in SA. Source: Geoscience Australia

We’ve collaborated with Geoscience Australia to include hydrochemistry data for more than 500 bores across Australia in the Australian Groundwater Explorer.

Read more about groundwater hydrochemistry.

Front cover of the report

As we approach the end of the first decade of providing national water information, we're pleased to confirm the Bureau will continue providing these services on an ongoing basis.
In December 2016, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. Barnaby Joyce announced that the Australian Government will provide ongoing funding for the Bureau’s water information functions.

Read more about water information at the Bureau.

Bridge over reservoir
Cairn Curran Reservoir (Alison Pouliot)

We’ve recently expanded the range of design rainfall estimates to assist water infrastructure design around Australia. 
This means users can now go to a single web page to access design rainfalls for probabilities ranging from 12 exceedances per year to a 1-in-2000 chance of being exceeded annually, for any location in Australia.

Read more about expanded design rainfalls.

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