Thursday, 5 November 2015

Photo of Burdekin spillway, courtesy CSIRO
Burdekin spillway, courtesy CSIRO

Queensland's Burdekin River region will be the tenth nationally-significant water management region to be added to the National Water Account.

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Windmill and water trough in outback Australia

For the first time, the Bureau's Groundwater Information Suite gives decision-makers easy access to comprehensive, nationally consistent information about groundwater in Australia.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Sample web page from the 7-day streamflow forecast

The Bureau now forecasts likely streamflows for the next seven days at more than 100 locations across Australia.

Our new 7-day streamflow forecasts service combines rainfall and streamflow observations with rainfall forecasts to indicate whether rivers are likely to rise or fall in the coming week. It shows whether forecast rain is sufficient to increase flow in the rivers, and how this compares to the normal flow for this time of the year.

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Sample screen from Monthly Water Update
Screen shot from Monthly Water Update showing rainfall and streamflow observations side-by-side.

Rainfall and streamflow are intrinsically linked, and the Bureau’s new Monthly Water Update will provide you with a quick overview of the recent status of both.

Each month the Update provides a snapshot of streamflows for the past month. Rainfall is a key driver of streamflow and is shown alongside flows from over 220 gauging stations across Australia’s topographic drainage divisions.

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Graph showing correlation of major floods and weather events per monh throughout the year. Read the full paper for details of correlations.
Correlation between major floods, East Coast Lows (ECLs) and Tropical Interactions.

Over the past 150 years, most major flooding along Australia’s east coast has been caused by just two types of weather systems—East Coast Lows and Tropical Interactions.

Bureau researchers have investigated more than 250 severe floods and 550 major storms for a 1500 kilometre coastal strip—from Brisbane, through Newcastle and Sydney, to Eden in southeastern New South Wales—between 1860 and 2012.

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