Water Reporting Summaries for MDB Catchments

Water Reporting Summaries for MDB Catchments
Our Water Reporting Summaries for catchments in the Murray–Darling Basin (MDB):

  • Provide an overview of what water is currently in storage and what commitments have been made for this water to different users including the environment;
  • Present information in a consistent way that aligns with state-based water assessment information; and
  • Improve transparency of water management in the MDB.
These summaries will be updated on a fortnightly basis, starting with catchments in the southern MDB region. The summaries are the first phase of a larger project that will deliver more detailed water reports across the MDB at a near real-time frequency.

Interested in Murray-Darling Basin water information? We’d like to talk to you

The Bureau of Meteorology is working to create a new water information website for the Murray-Darling Basin system.

We are looking for interested individuals who can attend an online face-to-face interview to tell us about the type of water information that should be available on the site and how that information is best presented.

Register your interest here

Sessions will be held in early December.

Current Summaries

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