Adelaide: Key findings

For the water account period 1 July 2019–30 June 2020

  • Below-average annual rainfall contributed to low streamflow across the region.
  • End-of-year storage was slightly more than last year due to high rainfall in late Autumn 2020.
  • Consumptive water use was 226 GL, around 10% lower than last year.

Climate and water


Rainfall icon

558 mm

below the average of 630 mm


Streamflow icon

below average

for most of the year


Storage icon

50% full


8% more than last year

Water use

Water sourced

Graph showing breakdown of water sources used in the Adelaide region. A total of 226 GL of water was used in the region in 2019–20. Inter-region deliveries made up 46% of total water sourced. Surface water made up 16%, groundwater 20%, and desalinated water 18% of water sourced.

Water supplied

Graph showing breakdown of water users in the Adelaide region. A total of 226 GL of water was supplied to users in 2019–20. 74% of total water supply was for the urban system. 21% was for individual users and 5% for irrigation.

* Includes non-allocated water use

Water status


267 GL

total surface water and groundwater allocations

Water assets

186 GL

water assets at 30 June 2020

7 GL more than last year



in storage expected during the 2020–21 year