Amendments to Part 7 of the Water Regulations 2008

Part 7 (Water Information) of the Water Regulations 2008 was amended in April 2016, November 2013, May 2012, July 2009 and December 2008. An amendment is proposed for March 2017.

Proposed amendment for early 2017

An amendment planned for March 2017 will implement recommendations 2 and 3 of the Interagency working group on Commonwealth water information provision report. The changes relate to water information Category 5 (water use information) and Category 7 (information about urban water management).

April 2016

These amendments reduced water information requirements for Person Category E (rural water utilities) and changed the time for provision of certain subcategories by Person Category E and Person Categories A and B (lead water agencies, and other agencies of the Commonwealth or a State).

These amendments took effect on 19 April 2016

View the Water Amendment (Water Information) Regulation 2016 (No. 1)

November 2013

These amendments provided for the Director of Meteorology to approve the form of water information and expanded the requirements for groundwater resource information.

These amendments took effect on 28 February 2014

View the Water Amendment (Interactions with State Laws and Water Information) Regulation 2013

May 2012

These amendments refined the obligations on water information holders and the subcategories of water information that must be provided to the Bureau. They took effect on 5 July 2012.

View the Water Amendments Regulations 2012 (No. 1)

July 2009

These amendments removed Schedule 2 (Persons and Classes of Persons) and Schedule 4 (Commercially Sensitive Sites) from the Regulations allowing them to be maintained on the Bureau's website.

Read more about the persons and sites lists

View the Water Amendment Regulations 2009 (No. 1)

December 2008

Amendments to Part 7 of the Regulations came into effect on 2 December 2008.

These amendments eased the requirements for reporting certain information and updated Schedules of named persons and commercially sensitive sites. (See Information Bulletin, Issue 3, 2 December 2008).

View the Water Amendment Regulations 2008 (No. 2)

Policy for amending the Regulations

Read the policy we follow for amending the Water Regulations. This policy conforms with a set of overarching principles which we apply when maintaining and developing Part 7 of the Regulations.

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