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Under the Regulations, the Barcaldine Regional Council ( QLD ) is required to provide the following categories of information

Metadata and contextual information

Metadata and contextual information must be provided at the same time as water information in the table below.
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Water information for flood warning purposes
Water Information SubcategoryNew/Ongoing Information
11aLevel of a watercourse, expressed in metresHourlyAny formatYes
11bDischarge of a watercourse, expressed in cumecsHourlyAny formatTBC
11cAccumulated precipitation depth, including the water-equivalent precipitation depth, expressed in millimetresHourlyAny formatYes


The Regulations Online tool is provided to assist users to understand the Water Regulations 2008 as they relate to the giving of water information. The material is presented in plain English for information only and does not cover all aspects of the Regulations in full. In order to fully understand any requirements that the Regulations may place on them, persons need to read the actual Regulations. The Regulations Online tool may at times not reflect the most recent list of named persons in the Regulations. Check the definitive list of persons named in the Water Regulations.

Explanation of column headings in the detailed reports

New/ongoing information
Specified information that is entered on a person's database after the end of the Grace Period must be given to the Bureau.

How often
The Regulations specify a time frame (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) within which each subcategory of water information must be given to the Bureau.

The required format of the water information is specified in an Administrative Instrument. The Administrative Instrument lists approved forms in the Bureau's order of preference. You may give your water information in any of the applicable formats listed. However, where more than one format is included, we prefer the format listed first.
If this column shows ‘Any format’, as a minimum, water information must be given to the Bureau in an electronic format.

Will supply data
A 'Yes' or 'No' in this column of the detailed report indicates whether or not an organisation has the relevant subcategory of water information in its possession, custody or control. 'TBC' in this column indicates 'to be confirmed'.

Additional Information

Possession, custody or control
For practical reasons, possession, custody or control is interpreted by the Bureau as being from the time water information enters a person's database (not from the time it enters field based equipment such as data loggers). For more information see the FAQ pages

Contractual agreements
Information collected solely as part of a contractual agreement with a person not named in the Regulations, does not have to be given.

Historical information
Historical water information must be given to the Bureau within fourteen days after the end of the grace period. This includes all the information held in databases during a person's grace period. There is no requirement on Category H persons to give historical water information. There is no requirement for persons to give historical information for Category 5 or 7.

Updated or changed information
For whatever reason, if specified information in a person's database has been updated since it was last given to the Bureau, this information should be given again.

Categories of persons
Each organisation named in the Regulations is listed in at least one category of person. In many cases, organisations are listed in more than one category and must meet the requirements of each of those categories. Where an organisation is required under two or more categories to give a particular item of information in different timeframes, then by giving the particular information at the higher transfer frequency, the person is not required to also give the information under the lower transfer frequency.

The exception to this rule is with water information for flood forecasting purposes as required from Category H organisations. Organisations in this category may be required to give water information subcategories 11a, 11b or 11c under both category H (hourly) and another category (daily). In this case, the flood forecasting and warning information may be only a limited subset of the information in subcategories 1a, 1b or 4a that the person is required to give. The balance of this information must be given at the daily frequency.


General regulations enquiries can be e-mailed to or alternatively persons may direct enquiries to the Bureau's contact officer:

Regulations and Policy Unit
Bureau of Meteorology
Tel: (08) 8366 2668
Post: GPO Box 2334 Canberra ACT 2601


Delivering the Information

You can deliver your water information to the Bureau by the following means:

  • File transfer protocol (ftp) or web services. File transfer protocol is the preferred method for all water information delivery. It is the required method for the delivery of new information except for:
    • information about water allocation announcements (subcategory 6d) and water use information (Category 5) may be emailed to or sent via ftp
    • information about urban water management (Category 7) must be given by way of the internet using a database application
    • water restrictions information (subcategory 8a) must be given to the Bureau using the Water Restrictions Tool located at:
  • CD, DVD or external hard drive may be used to transfer historical information.


Timeframes within which water information must be given
Term Definition
HourlyWater information entered into the person's database during a particular hour must be given to the Bureau within 5 minutes of the end of that hour.


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