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Use Water Regulations Online to find your organisation. You can generate a customised report that lists your organisation's responsibilities under the Water Regulations 2008.

Your detailed report also shows the format in which you must give your water information to the Bureau.


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The Regulations Online tool is provided to assist users to understand the Water Regulations 2008 as they relate to the giving of water information. The material is presented in plain English for information only and does not cover all aspects of the Regulations in full. In order to fully understand any requirements that the Regulations may place on them, persons need to read the actual Regulations.
The Regulations Online tool may at times not reflect the most recent list of named persons in the Regulations. Check the definitive list of persons named in the Water Regulations.


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19 search results for jurisdiction: SA
This total may include organisations that are not yet required to give water information

Alinytjara Wilurara Landscape Board, SA (Category G)

Central Irrigation Trust, SA (Category E)

City of Salisbury, SA (Category G, Category H)

Department for Energy and Mining, SA (Category B)

Department for Environment and Water, SA (Category A, Category D, Category H, Category K)

Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA, SA (Category B, Category D)

Environment Protection Authority, SA (Category B, Category D)

Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, SA (Category G)

ForestrySA, SA (Category B)

Green Adelaide Board, SA (Category G, Category H)

Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board, SA (Category G, Category H)

Kangaroo Island Landscape Board, SA (Category G)

Limestone Coast Landscape Board, SA (Category G)

Mount Barker District Council, SA (Category M)

Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board, SA (Category G)

Northern and Yorke Landscape Board, SA (Category G, Category H)

South Australian Arid Lands Landscape Board, SA (Category G)

South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water), SA (Category D, Category H, Category L)

South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board, SA (Category G)




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