Regional Water Information

Regional Water Information is a mapping portal that provides access to a range of water resource assessment information on Australia. Based on information presented in the Water in Australia report, the portal provides spatially comprehensive annual data sets on water resource condition, availability and use at various scales in relation to the past. The portal allows users to browse maps and view associated statistics and graphics. Each map has been standardised to present consistent information across Australia.

Regional Water Information has been designed for people involved in the water resources industry and in particular for Commonwealth agencies, organisations with a national planning and policy mandate, water professionals, policy makers and planners in State agencies and regional organisations. It will also be useful to educators (university and high school), researchers and the engaged public.

How does it work?

Regional Water Information works on three selection levels: the assessment type, "where" and "when":

  1. Assessment type – You have the option to select between various options for topic and analysis. The topics included are:
    • Streamflow
    • Water use
    • Groundwater levels
    • Water quality
    • Rainfall
    • Rainfall minus evapotranspiration
    • Soil moisture
    • Runoff
  2. Where – Choose an area of interest and select between different types of boundaries:
    • National
    • States
    • River Regions
    • Water in Australia Regions
  3. When – Switch to the period of time you are interested in and select a temporal data representation from:
    • Yearly (financial year)
    • Monthly
  4. Add additional boundaries for viewing
  5. Copy & paste bookmarks of particular views
  6. Explore the spatial data relevant to your study as maps or switch to graphical or statistical analysis. You can also download the data for your own analysis.

More information

More information about the Regional Water Information product is available in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Detailed information about the data can be viewed on the Metadata Page.

For more information or feedback please contact the Regional Water Information mailbox:

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