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Total inflow forecast locations

Model Description Data Owner Drainage Division River Basin Storage Level
Hume Unregulated inflow to Hume Dam MDBA Murray-Darling Upper Murray Hume Dam
Dartmouth Total inflow to Dartmouth Dam MDBA Murray-Darling Upper Murray Dartmouth Dam
Kiewa Total flow of Kiewa River to Murray River MDBA Murray-Darling Kiewa
Ovens Total flow of Ovens River to Murray River MDBA Murray-Darling Ovens
Lake Eildon Total inflow to Lake Eildon G-MW Murray-Darling Goulburn Lake Eildon
Goulburn Weir Unregulated inflow to Goulburn Weir G-MW Murray-Darling Goulburn Goulburn Weir
Cairn Curran Total inflow to Cairn Curran Reservoir G-MW Murray-Darling Loddon Cairn Curran Reservoir
Lake Eppalock Total inflow to Lake Eppalock G-MW Murray-Darling Campaspe Lake Eppalock
Tullaroop Total inflow to Tullaroop Reservoir G-MW Murray-Darling Loddon Tullaroop Reservoir
Lake Nillahcootie Total inflow to Lake Nillahcootie G-MW Murray-Darling Broken Lake Nillahcootie
Upper Yarra Reservoir Total inflow to Upper Yarra Reservoir MW South-East Coast Yarra Upper Yarra Reservoir
Maroondah Reservoir Total inflow to Maroondah Reservoir MW South-East Coast Yarra Maroondah Reservoir
O'Shannassy Reservoir Total inflow to O'Shannassy Reservoir MW South-East Coast Yarra O'Shannassy Reservoir
Graceburn Weir Unregulated inflow to Graceburn Weir MW South-East Coast Yarra
Thomson Reservoir Total inflow to Thomson Reservoir MW South-East Coast Mitchell-Thomson Thomson Reservoir

Gauging station forecast locations

AWRC Station number Station Name Start of record Catchment Area (km2) Data Owner Drainage Division River Basin
110003 Barron River at Picnic Crossing 1925 228 DNRM North-East Coast Barron
116006 Herbert River at Abergowrie 1969 6585 DNRM North-East Coast Herbert
116014A Wild River at Silver Valley 1962 588 DNRM North-East Coast Herbert
108003A Bloomfield River at China Camp 1970 263 DNRM North-East Coast Daintree
120002C Burdekin River at Sellheim 1947 36260 DNRM North-East Coast Burdekin
138009 Tinana Creek at Tagigan Road 1974 102 DNRM North-East Coast Mary
143009 Brisbane River at Gregors Creek 1962 3866 DNRM North-East Coast Brisbane
143303 Stanley River at Peachester 1927 102 DNRM North-East Coast Brisbane
203005 Richmond River at Wiangaree 1971 702 OEH South-East Coast (NSW) Richmond
206014 Wollomombi River at Coninside 1954 377 OEH South-East Coast (NSW) Macleay
208005 Nowendoc River at Rocks Crossing 1945 1870 OEH South-East Coast (NSW) Manning
208009 Barnard River at Barry 1949 152 OEH South-East Coast (NSW) Manning
215002 Shoalhaven River at Warri 1914 1450 OEH South-East Coast (NSW) Shoalhaven
218001 Tuross River at Tuross Vale 1948 91 OEH South-East Coast (NSW) Tuross
223202 Tambo River at Swifts Creek 1947 943 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
224201 Wonnangatta River at Waterford 1966 1979 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
226204 Latrobe River at Willow Grove 1924 580 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
401009 Maragle Creek at Maragle 1947 215 OEH Murray-Darling Upper Murray
401012 Murray River at Biggara 1968 1165 OEH Murray-Darling Upper Murray
401013 Jingellic Creek at Jingellic 1972 390 OEH Murray-Darling Upper Murray
401203 Mitta Mitta River at Hinnomunjie 1954 1533 DELWP Murray-Darling Upper Murray
401210 Snowy Creek at below Granite Flat 1953 407 DELWP Murray-Darling Upper Murray
403205 Ovens River at Bright 1925 495 DELWP Murray-Darling Ovens
403213 Fifteen Mile Creek at Greta South 1959 229 DELWP Murray-Darling Ovens
405209 Acheron River at Taggerty 1974 619 DELWP Murray-Darling Goulburn
405214 Delatite River at Tonga Bridge 1957 368 DELWP Murray-Darling Goulburn
405219 Goulburn River at Dohertys 1968 694 DELWP Murray-Darling Goulburn
410024 Goodradigbee River at Wee Jasper (Kashmir) 1914 1165 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410038 Adjungbilly Creek at Darbalara 1967 391 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410047 Tarcutta Creek at Old Borambola 1938 1660 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410057 Goobarragandra River at Lacmalac 1957 673 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410061 Adelong Creek at Batlow Rd 1947 144 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410730 Cotter River at Gingera 1963 148 ACTEW Water Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410734 Queanbeyan River at Tinderry 1966 490 ACTEW Water Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
412028 Abercrombie River at Abercrombie 1931 2770 OEH Murray-Darling Lachlan
412029 Boorowa River at Prossers Crossing 1938 1530 OEH Murray-Darling Lachlan
418025 Halls Creek at Bingara 1978 156 OEH Murray-Darling Gwydir
419005 Namoi River at North Cuerindi 1972 2532 OEH Murray-Darling Namoi
421026 Turon River at Sofala 1947 883 OEH Murray-Darling Macquarie
915011 Porcupine Creek at Mt Emu Plains 1971 552 DNRM Carpentaria Coast Flinders-Norman
922101 Coen River at Coen Racecourse 1967 170 DNRM Carpentaria Coast Archer-Watson
212045 Coxs River at Island Hill 1981 970 OEH South-East Coast Hawkesbury
401217 Gibbo River at Gibbo Park 1971 390 OEH Murray-Darling Upper Murray
410044 Muttama Creek at Coolac 1938 1025 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410048 Kyeamba Creek at Ladysmith 1938 530 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410058 Tarcutta Creek at Westbrook 1978 316 NSW OoW Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
418014 Gwydir River at Yarrowyck 1970 835 NSW OoW Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
410731 Gudgenby at Tennent 1965 672 Environment ACT Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
412066 Abercrombie River at Hadley No.2 1960 1630 OEH Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
422313B Emu Creek at Emu Vale 1973 153 DNRM Murray-Darling Condamine-Culgoa
422306A Swan Creek at Swanfels 1920 83 DNRM Murray-Darling Condamine-Culgoa
116010A Blencoe Creek at Blencoe Falls 1960 224 DNRM North-East Coast Herbert
145018A Burnett Ck at Upstream Maroon Dam 1970 82 DNRM North-East Coast Logan-Albert
145010A Running Creek at Dieckmans Bridge 1966 129 DNRM North-East Coast Logan-Albert
145107A Canungra Creek at Main Road Bridge 1973 102 DNRM North-East Coast Logan-Albert
105102A Coalseam Creek at Laura River 1968 1285 DNRM North-East Coast Logan-Albert
917107A Elizabeth Ck at Mt Surprise 1968 528 DNRM Gulf of Carpentaria Flinders-Norman
912105A Gregory River at Riversleigh No.2 1968 11440 DNRM Gulf of Carpentaria Nicholson-Leichhardt
G9070142 McArthur River Upstream of Bailey's Grave 1966 4261 LRM Gulf of Carpentaria McArthur
225221A Macalister River at Stringybark Creek 1968 1542 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
225230A Glenmaggie Creek at The Gorge 1975 139 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
226226A Tanjil River at Tanjil Junction 1980 289 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
226402A Moe Drain at Trafalgar East 1980 622 DELWP South-East Coast (VIC) Mitchell-Thomson
410761 Murrumbidgee River below Lobbs Hole 1975 5158 Environment ACT Murray-Darling Murrumbidgee
G811004 East Baines River at Victoria Highway 1963 2443 LRM Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Victoria River-Wiso
G8140161 Green Ant Creek at Tipperary 1966 416 LRM Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Daly
G8170002 Adelaide River at Railway Bridge 1953 638 LRM Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Adelaide
G9030250 Roper River at Red Rock 1966 42476 LRM Carpentaria Coast Roper
A2390519 Mosquito Creek at Struan 1971 1249 DEWNR South East Coast Millicent Coast
A5050517 North Para River at Penrice 1977 121 DEWNR South East Coast Gawler
606001 Deep River at Teds Pool 1975 474 DoW South West Coast Frankland-Deep
606185 Shannon River at Dog Pool 1975 379 DoW South West Coast Shannon
613002 Harvey River at Dingo Road 1970 148 DoW South West Coast Murray (WA)
809310 Ord River at Bedford Downs 1968 551 DoW Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Ord-Pentecost
809322 Wilson River at ODonnell River 1975 2515 DoW Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Ord-Pentecost
809316 Ord River at Old Ord Homestead 1970 19513 DoW Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Ord-Pentecost
809321 Dunham River at Dunham Gorge 1975 1637 DoW Tanami-Timor Sea Coast Ord-Pentecost
704139 Gascoyne River at Nine Mile Bridge 1957 72902 DoW Pilbara-Gascoyne Gascoyne
204034 Henry River at Newton Boyd 1971 399 NSW OoW South East Coast (NSW) Clarence
113004A Cochable Creek at Powerline 1967 95 DNRM North East Coast Tully
146014A Back Creek at Beechmont 1971 7 DNRM North East Coast South Coast
A0020101 Diamantina River at Birdsville 1966 119034 DEWNR Lake Eyre Basin Diamantina-Georgina
A5030502 Scott Creek at Scott Bottom 1969 29 DEWNR South Australian Gulf Onkaparinga
A5130501 Rocky River upstream Gorge Falls 1970 187 DEWNR South Australian Gulf Kangaroo Island
210011 Williams River at Tillegra 1931 196 NSW OoW South-East Coast (NSW) Hunter
135002A Kolan River at Springfield 1965 551 DNRM North-East Coast Kolan

Data Owner Organisation Name State
OEH The Office of Environment and Heritage New South Wales
DELWP Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Victoria
G-MW Goulburn-Murray Water Victoria
MDBA Murray-Darling Basin Authority SA, VIC, NSW, ACT and QLD
DNRM Department of Natural Resources and Mines Queensland
NSW OoW New South Wales Office of Water New South Wales
ACTEW Water ACTEW Corporation Australian Capital Territory
Enviroment ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate Australian Capital Territory
LRM Department of Land Resource Management Northern Territory
MW Melbourne Water Victoria
DoW Department of Water Western Australia
WA Water Water Corporation Western Australia
DEWNR Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources South Australia
DPIPWE Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment Tasmania

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