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Skill scores for Swan River at Walyunga

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Skill scores for Swan River at Walyunga

About skill scores

  1. The hindcasts are generated using a leave five years out cross validation.
  2. The forecast location name is displayed in the graph title. Site forecast locations are followed by the station number in brackets e.g. (915011A).
  3. The streamflow data for the cross validation are verified data obtained from the station owners.
  4. Explanations of the terms skill score , Root Mean Square Error in Probability (RMSEP), Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) and Continuous Ranked Probability Score (CRPS) are provided under the FAQ.
  5. The RMSEP skill scores have been defined as less than 5 very low skill, 5-15 low skill, 15-30 moderate skill, greater than 30 high skill.
  6. Further explanation of some technical terms is provided under the FAQ.

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