Review of hydrometric monitoring guidelines

The Water Monitoring Standardisation Technical Committee (WaMSTeC) is leading a periodic review of the National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring.

The purpose of the review is to

  • ensure the guidelines remain technically sound and up to date with technological advancements
  • address any issues or errors identified since guideline publication in 2013
  • expand on the groundwater monitoring aspects of the guidelines.

Invitation to comment
Hydrometric Monitoring Guidelines parts 0 to 7

The consultation period is now open for National Industry Guidelines parts 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. You are invited to submit comment.

These guidelines present recommended Australian industry practice for monitoring of surface water (level, discharge and water quality), groundwater (level and water quality) and precipitation. They cover aspects including site establishment, instrument systems, data management and training.

The consultation period will remain open through to Friday 27 July 2018.

Proposed changes

You can download a copy of the proposed changes for each guideline at the links below.

Part Summary of proposed changes Revised draft (no track changes) Revised draft (with track changes)
0-Glossary Summary for
Part 0
Part 0 (476KB) Part 0 (track changes) (541KB)
1-Primary Measured Data Summary for
Part 1
Part 1 (434KB) Part 1 (track changes) (439KB)
2-Site Establishment and Operations Summary for
Part 2
Part 2 (1027KB) Part 2 (track changes) (1234KB)
3-Instrument and Measurement Systems Management Summary for
Part 3
Part 3 (434KB) Part 3 (track changes) (441KB)
4-Gauging (Velocity Area Method) Summary for
Part 4
Part 4 (535KB) Part 4 (track changes) (556KB)
5-Data Editing, Estimation and Management Summary for
Part 5
Part 5 (411KB) Part 5 (track changes) (414KB)
6-Stream Discharge Relationship Development and Maintenance Summary for
Part 6
Part 6 (489KB) Part 6 (track changes) (493KB)
7-Training Summary for
Part 7
Part 7 (376KB) Part 7 (track changes) (464KB)

How to contribute

Submissions may address any, or all, of the proposed changes to the guidelines. In addition, submissions might include:

  • suggested improvements
  • any other issues or errors with the guidelines
  • whether or not you support the proposed changes.

You can provide your feedback by emailing the Bureau at You may wish to use the attached form to provide your comment.

What will happen next?

WaMSTeC subcommittees are managing the periodic review of guidelines parts 0 to 7.

Following the consultation period, the subcommittees will review all comments and submissions and develop final revised drafts of these guidelines, along with a Basis for Endorsement (BFE) document. The BFE document will summarise the consultation, input from industry and the degree of support for the proposed changes. It will also detail any significantly different viewpoints identified through the consultation, and how these were resolved in the revised guideline drafts.

The subcommittees will submit final revised drafts to WaMSTeC for endorsement, along with the BFE document, in November 2018.

Guidelines parts 8 to 10

Consultation for National Industry Guidelines parts 8, 9 and 10 occurred between October and December 2017 and has now closed.

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