National Water Information Standards

Under the Water Act 2007 (section 130, Part 7) the Director of Meteorology has the authority to issue National Water Information Standards (NWIS). In issuing those standards, the Director may adopt or incorporate any matter in an existing standard.
National Water Information Standards may deal with any of the following:

  • collecting water information
  • measuring water
  • monitoring water
  • analysing water
  • transmitting water information
  • accessing water information
  • retaining and storing water information
  • water accounting
  • any other matter relating to water information that is specified in the Water Regulations 2008.

The Bureau is collaborating with the water industry through the Water Information Standards Business Forum (the Forum) to develop and promote water information standards and guidelines. Read the Forum's Glossary (41KB) and Standards Terminology Model (39KB) to learn more about National Water Information Standards and their relationship to other standards and guidelines, such as the National Industry Guidelines for hydrometric monitoring.