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Frost Potential

The Frost Potential maps show forecast low temperature thresholds for various locations across Australian weather station locations. The maps are updated each day and show forecasts for the next 48 hours. Each 24 hour forecast period ends at 00 UTC (ie.10 am EST, 9:30 am CST or 8 am WST). For example, a 'Tuesday night and Wednesday morning' map shows the forecast for the period from 10 am EST Tuesday morning to 10 am EST Wednesday morning.

The Frost Potential maps are generated automatically using the Bureau's high resolution weather forecast models. It is important that you check your local Bureau weather warnings and forecasts in conjunction with the Frost Potential maps. Links to local warnings are color highlighted in the right hand column of the Frost potential page.

Low temperature ranges

Frost Potential
Less than -5°C
-5°C to -2°C
-2°C to +1°C
+1°C to +4°C
More than +4°C
Example section of frost potential map

Coloured dots on the maps indicate the lowest temperature range for each location. Forecast temperatures are for the standard 1.2 metres above the ground. Near the ground temperature may be up to two degrees lower.

Your local temperature may vary from the forecast temperature due to topography and other factors. 

Frost potential details for each location

Click the national map to zoom to state and territory views. Move your mouse cursor over dots in state and territory views for further details for each weather station location.
Alternatively, click the 'Frost table' link to view a table of all details for that state or territory.
In addition to the forecast minimum temperature, the details include the number of hours below each temperature threshold.

In the example below, the forecast minimum temperature is 0.9°C, and the temperature is forecast to be below 1°C for 1 hour and below 4°C for 12 hours.

Reduced scale example of frost potential table
Select 'Frost Table' to view of details for all locations in the selected state

Annotated example of details information box


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