Changeover to a new computer forecasting model

The Bureau is phasing out its computer forecasting model (GASP, LAPS) on 17 August 2010, and introducing a new forecasting model called ACCESS. Some bookmarks will cease to work and should be updated.

From 17 August 2010, the Bureau of Meteorology will no longer run the GASP, LAPS, TLAPS and Meso-LAPS family of computer forecasting models.

A new computer forecasting model (ACCESS) will be implemented from July 2010 as the replacement. The performance of the ACCESS model represents a significant leap forward in terms of forecasting abilities over the Australian Region.

The Bureau is also upgrading its wave model to Wavewatch III, using wind information from the ACCESS model. There will be changes to the display of wave maps as a result.

A summary of important changes to grid information is available for Registered Users.

Other changes that you will notice on the website include:

  • Existing product ID references will be replaced with new product ID references.
  • New coloured presentation of maps for elements such as Mean Sea Level Pressure, Temperature, Relative Humidity.
  • The forecast period for atmospheric and wave maps will now extend to 7 days.
  • Wave maps will be available in colour.
  • Expanded range of maps for the upper levels of the atmosphere.
  • An interface will be developed to display the maps.
  • Some old maps will be discontinued, and webpages will be re-designed as a result.
  • The Marine wind, and Agricultural wind map interfaces will be upgraded to include the new model information from early August 2010.

The Numerical Weather Prediction index page will be re-designed for better access to the new maps.