New Radar maps for Wollongong


Wollongong (Appin) radar was upgraded earlier this year to a new state-of-the-art weather radar (S-band Doppler radar). The new Doppler radar has a higher resolution than the previous radar - known before as Letterbox - and its Doppler capability allows the display of wind flows associated with weather systems as well as rainfall intensity on the Bureau's website. This information helps forecasters and the community see, in greater detail, upcoming weather - including severe weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

The new radar will also help improve forecasts for the region by providing forecasters with additional information on rainfall from summer storms and winter cold fronts. These improvements include better:

  • community access to all real time radar imagery via the Bureau's website.
  • short term forecasts of rainfall and warnings of severe weather, including hail and damaging winds
  • estimates of rainfall rates for use in flood warnings
  • detection of clear air boundaries which are vital for groups like bushfire management agencies and the aviation industry.

The Wollongong (Appin) radar is located on the Woronora plateau about 18 km north-northwest of the Wollongong CBD. The site, at an elevation of 449 metres above sea level, gives the radar an excellent view in all directions.

The new radar was installed as part of the Strategic Radar Enhancement Project (SREP). The SREP initiative will deliver four new radars over the next few years to close significant gaps in the existing weather radar coverage for Australia, and develop the underlying science to enhance the capability in warnings and forecasts.


Example Images

Wollongong (Appin) Radar Loop

Example of Wollongong (Appin) radar loop