Fire weather knowledge centre

Weather conditions influence the size, intensity and speed of bushfires – and how dangerous they can be. We issue fire weather warnings when conditions are likely to be dangerous, to help keep Australians safe.

Video: Understanding fire weather

Fire weather seasons

Learn about the peak seasons for bushfires across Australia.

Learn about fire weather seasons

How weather affects fires

Find out how weather influences bushfires and the impact of climate change.

Learn how weather affects fires

How fires make thunderstorms

Learn how fires create thunderstorms and how we forecast this.

Learn how fires make thunderstorms

Fire weather services

Find out about Australian fire weather warnings, fire danger ratings and the fire behaviour index.

Learn about fire weather services

Past bushfires in Australia

Learn about some of Australia's worst bushfires.

Learn about past fires

Smoke and air quality information

State and territory health and environment agencies are responsible for monitoring bushfire smoke and warning the community when the air quality exceeds safe levels.

We include information about smoke haze in forecasts when it's expected to be significant.

See smoke and air quality information