Sample Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Melbourne


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Victoria Regional Office
For people in parts of the Western, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula and Port Phillip Local Warning Areas.

Issued at 9:52 am Thursday, 8 November 2007.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that, at 9:50 am, severe thunderstorms were detected on weather radar near Lara, the area west of Lara and the area northwest of Ballan. These thunderstorms are moving towards the east to southeast. They are forecast to affect the You Yangs, the area east of Lara and the area west of Werribee by 10:20 am and Bacchus Marsh, the area south of Bacchus Marsh and the area south of Werribee by 10:50 am.

Large hailstones are likely.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should:

  • Keep clear of fallen power lines.
  • secure any loose objects in the vicinity of your home.
  • stay indoors if possible.
  • Avoid using the phone during the storm.
  • if you are outside, avoid sheltering under trees
  • listen to the radio for storm updates
  • switch off your computer and electrical appliances

The next warning is due to be issued by 10:55 am.

A more general severe thunderstorm warning is also current for parts of the Northern Country, Wimmera, North Central, Western and Central districts.

Warnings are also available through TV and Radio broadcasts, the Bureau's website at or call 1300 659 215. The Bureau and State Emergency Service would appreciate warnings being broadcast regularly.

Melbourne warnings map


Features of the map


Map legend

The area covered by the warning is shaded yellow and represents the area where there is a potential threat from severe weather. The area may consist of all or part of one or several weather forecast districts. The areas that are under immediate threat (usually in the next 60 minutes) are shaded in cross-hatched orange. The location of the thunderstorm is indicated with a red ellipse. The ellipse shows the position of the thunderstorm at the "valid time" stamped on the map.

Stor icon

An arrow indicates the forecast direction of movement of each thunderstorm. This is the direction towards which the thunderstorm is moving. Arcs are used to show the forecast positions of the front edge of the thunderstorm at 10 minute intervals.

Issue time and Valid Time

Issue icon

The issue time is the local time at which the warning was transmitted by the Bureau of Meteorology. The valid time is the time of validity of the initial severe thunderstorm locations shown by red ellipses on the chart.

Validity Period and Update Frequency

Warnings are valid for the next 60 minutes but will be updated more frequently if required. The expected issue time of the next warning is given in the text.