Past severe thunderstorm reports

Severe Weather Hazards

Read a selection of reports about past severe thunderstorms in Australia


Severe Thunderstorm Event Date
Severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak South Australia28 September 2016
Severe Thunderstorm affecting Southeast Queensland27 November 2014
Severe Thunderstorms in Perth and Southwest Western Australia22 March 2010
Severe Thunderstorms in Melbourne6 March 2010
Severe wind event in Victoria2-3 August 2009
Severe Thunderstorms in Southeast Queensland16-20 November 2008
Severe Weather Event Victoria2-3 February 2005
Esperance Hailstorm4 December 2001
Fremantle Tornado25 August 1999
1995 Christmas Eve Hailstorms over Southern Western Australia23-25 December 1995

The Bureau's Monthly Significant Weather Summaries summarise unusual, extreme and interesting weather events each month up to 2009. Record temperatures and rainfalls, storms, floods, fires, tropical cyclones and other meteorological events which have had a significant impact on Australian life are listed.

Information about significant weather events after 2009 is available in the Monthly Weather Review, which provides a concise but informative overview of the temperatures, rainfall and significant weather events for the month. It is published towards the end of the following month.