South Australian Coastal Weather Station Details

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When using wind data, it is important to remember most coastal stations are located on land so wind speeds may be unrepresentative of the actual wind conditions further out to sea. The reasons for this include:

  • the decrease in wind speed over the land due to the generally rougher land surface.
  • the effects of local topography, especially funnelling near and around headlands.
  • the effects of inshore sea and land breezes.

Some stations are a good distance away from the coast but have been included as they provide some helpful information in areas where there are no other weather stations.
Note: Values for the distance in kilometres from the coast have been rounded up to one decimal place. Values of less than 0.2 km (200 metres) are identified as 'on the coast'.

Station name Station Height (Metres above sea level) Kilometres from coast Site of anemometer
Nullarbor 1 m 5 km Observation site surrounded by low mallee trees, 5 km north of coastline.
Eucla 7 m 14 km Only small shrubs and bushes as part of "treeless plain"- 14 km north of coastline.
Ceduna 12 m 2.5 km Airport. 2 km east of town.
Thevenard sea level? over water Beacon 17 Yalata Channel.
Streaky Bay 13 m 0.2 km In township, 300 m to south of jetty.
Elliston 4 m 0.5 km In built up part of town, 300 m east of main town beach.
Coles Point 28 m 1.5 km Open, gently undulating paddocks 1.5 km east of coast.
Port Lincoln Airport 8 m 2.5 km Airport, 2.5 km west of coast, 14 km north of Port Lincoln township.
Neptune Island 32 m 0.5 km Very well exposed on top of the rounded island. Given height of island the observation tends to read higher than winds at standard 10 m. Winds approximately 20% higher in general.
Whyalla 6.5 m 4 km Airport, 4 km to NW of coast.
Port Augusta 14 m 4.2 km Airport, 4.2 km west of the top of Spencer Gulf.
Port Pirie 4 m 3 km Just north of township in car park of Zinifex smelter within 300 m of Port Pirie Creek, about 3 km to Port Pirie Bay.
Warburto Point 1 m On the coast On tidal coastal flats.
Minlaton Airport 32 m 4.5 km Airport, 4.5 km to east of coast.
Stenhouse Bay 42 m 0.4 km On top of ridge about 0.4 km NW of coastline.
Cape Borda Lighthouse      
Cape Borda 158 m 0.7 km On NW facing cliff top, 0.7 km east of coastline.
Kingscote Airport 7 m 6 km Airport, 6 km west of coastline.
Cape Willoughby 55 m On the coast Cliff top southwest of backstairs Passage. Reported winds from NW and SE are thought to be up to 50% stronger than at surface.
Edithburgh 6 m 1.5 km Open paddocks, 1.5 km WNW of coastline
Outer Harbor (Black Pole) 10 m Over water about 1.5 km over sea to west of Saint Kilda
Adelaide Airport 6 m 3 km Airport, 3 km east of coastline
Noarlunga 55 m 0.9 km On ridge top, 65 m from houses, approximately 900 m to east of coastline.
Victor Harbor 8 m 1.5 km In recreational area with scattered eucalypts, 1.5 km to north of coastline.
Hindmarsh Island 11 m On the coast Open area just south of the Barrage on Hindmarsh Island 100 m to east of Goolwa Channel.
Cape Jaffa 17 m 3 km On rolling open paddocks, 3 km NE of coastline, 4 km SE of jetty.
Robe Airport 3 m 3 km Airport, 3 km SSE of coastline, 6 km SE of PO.