Annual rainfall, temperature and sea surface temperature anomalies and ranks

Table of annual Australian temperature, rainfall and sea surface temperature anomalies, ranks, and percentage area in highest and lowest decile.

Ranks range from 1 (highest value on record) to 112 (lowest value on record) for temperature, and from 1 (highest value on record) to 122 (lowest value on record) for rainfall. The national temperature dataset commences in 1910 and the national rainfall dataset commences in 1900. Ranks are calculated against all years since then.

A rank marked with '=' indicates that a value is shared by two or more years, resulting in a tie for that rank.

Anomalies are the departure from the long-term (1961–1990) average. In climatology a baseline, or long-term average, is required against which to compare changes over time. Use of the 1961–1990 base period for reporting anomalies follows international conventions set by the World Meteorological Organization.