Friday, 1 June 2007 - Monthly Climate Summary for Western Australia - Product code IDCKGC11R0

Western Australia in May 2007
A warm and dry month


May 2007 was a dry month in Western Australia. Large areas of the state received below and very much below average rainfall, and only parts of the Kimberley and Interior saw above average rainfall.

The mean maximum temperature was above the long term average (1961-1990) with an anomaly of 0.95 °C whilst the mean minimum temperature was near average.


The Kimberley experienced a hot spell in the first week of May. Many locations registered their hottest or equal hottest May day.

The Southwest Land Division endured a couple of cold nights on the 22nd & 23rd. A few inland towns recorded their lowest temperature in May on the 22nd

Some extremes and records for individual locations in WA are tabulated below.


Hottest day
Highest temperature
40.0 °C at Fitzroy Crossing Aero on the 5th
Warmest days on average
Highest mean daily maximum temperature
35.9 °C at Wyndham Aero
Coolest days on average
Lowest mean daily maximum temperature
16.8 °C at Rocky Gully
Coldest day
Lowest daily maximum temperature
12.4 °C at Rocky Gully on the 27th
Coldest night
Lowest temperature
-3.4 °C at Southern Cross Airfield on the 22nd
Coolest nights on average
Lowest mean daily minimum temperature
4.6 °C at Southern Cross Airfield
Warmest nights on average
Highest mean daily minimum temperature
26.9 °C at Troughton Island
Warmest night
Highest daily minimum temperature
28.5 °C at Troughton Island on the 11th
Wettest overall
Highest total rainfall
157.5 mm at Walpole
Wettest day
Highest daily rainfall
58.0 mm at Christmas Creek on the 17th
Highest wind gust
91 km/h at Cape Naturaliste on the 27th


Record highest May temperature( for at least 10 years record )
Highest temperature
in May 2007 (°C)
Previous highest
for May
Years of
Normal for
Halls Creek Airport36.9on the 1st= 36.9on the 7th in 19886029.9
Warmun38.0on the 1st= 38.0on the 3rd in 19874532.2
Troughton Island35.4on the 10th34.9on the 1st in 20032831.1
Derby Aero39.2on the 5th38.2on the 1st in 19982332.7
Balgo Hills37.1on the 7th37.0on the 6th in 19902129.3
Curtin Aero39.4on the 5th & 6th38.4on the 3rd in 20051633.2
Mount Elizabeth35.0on the 1st33.7on the 16th in 20051430.0
Argyle Aerodrome37.5on the 5th37.4on the 1st in 19981331.9
Fitzroy Crossing Aero40.0on the 5th38.0on the 1st in 19981033.1


Record lowest May mean daily minimum temperature
Mean daily minimum
for May 2007 (°C)
Previous lowest
for May
Years of
Normal for
Merredin5.75.8in 1968429.0

Record lowest May temperature
Lowest temperature
in May 2007 (°C)
Previous lowest
for May
Years of
Normal for
Balladonia-0.1on the 22nd0.0on the 26th in 1993418.1
Beverley-0.6on the 22nd-0.2on the 27th in 2004388.0
Narembeen-1.8on the 22nd-0.9on the 26th in 1968378.2
Hyden-2.8on the 22nd-1.3on the 23rd in 1975357.7


This statement has been prepared based on information available at 12 pm on Friday 1 June 2007. Some checks have been made on the data, but it is possible that results will change as new information becomes available.

Normals are long-term means based on observations from all available years of record, which vary widely from site to site. They are not shown for sites with less than 30 years of record(except maximum temperature with 10 years record), as they cannot then be calculated reliably.
The median is sometimes more representative than the mean of "normal" rain.

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