South Eastern Area High Seas Forecast


High Seas Forecast for South Eastern Metarea 10
Issued by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, BNOC
For 24 hours commencing 2300 UTC 21 February 2017

Wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than the averages given here,
and maximum waves may be up to twice the height.

Part 1 Warnings
Refer to latest warnings for details of area affected.

Melbourne Gale Warning 4
New Zealand Gale warning 308

Part 2 Situation at 1800 UTC
Refer to latest warnings for boundary of affected area and type of weather

Cold front [1] 31S134E 35S135E 39S133E to low [1] 995hPa near 38S129E to
43S130E 50S130E. Forecast 35S140E to low [1] 998hPa near 42S139E to 45S138E
50S144E at 221200UTC and 35S140E 42S139E 45S138E 50S144E at 230000UTC.

Cold front [2] west of area and forecast 44S129E 47S134E 50S137E at 230000UTC.

Trough 28S160E 33S164E 44S170E. Forecast 28S161E 31S164E 35S165E 40S170E at

Low [2] 987hPa near 53S160E. Forecast low [2] 994 hPa near 53S168E at 220600UTC
and no longer affecting area by 221200UTC.

High 1021hPa near 37S156E. Forecast 1026hPa near 43S164E at 230000UTC.

Part 3 Forecast
Refer to latest warning.

Between trough and cold front [1], outside warning area:
Clockwise winds 20/30 knots within 480nm of low [2], turning northerly quarter
20/30 knots within 540nm east of front [1]. Winds southeast quarter 15/25 knots
within 180nm west of trough. Winds grading to 25/33 knots within 120nm of
warning areas. Moderate to rough seas. Moderate to heavy swell.

Remainder west of cold front [1], outside warning areas:
Westerly quarter winds 20/30 knots, turning clockwise within 300nm of low [1].
Winds Northwesterly quarter 20/30 knots within 240nm east of cold front [2] and
tending southwesterly quarter 15/25 knots north of 30S after 220600UTC. Winds
grading to 25/33 knots within 120nm of warning areas. Moderate to rough seas.
Low to moderate swell.

Winds not exceeding 25 knots. Slight to moderate seas. Low to moderate swell.

Rain areas, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms within 240nm of trough
and cold front and 300nm of lows. Isolated showers remainder away from high.
Visibility reducing below 2nm in precipitation.


The next routine forecast will be issued at 08:00 UTC Wednesday.