Daily Weather Review


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales

Daily Weather Review for NSW and ACT

Issued at 4:30 pm EDT on Saturday 25 February 2017.

Weather Situation

A high is south of the Bight and a cold front is crossing the southern Tasman Sea. A trough of low pressure extends from the north over the central inland parts of the state. The high is expected to move east across Tasmania today in the wake of the front and the inland trough should move slowly towards the west. The high is then expected to become established over the southern Tasman Sea on Sunday where it will remain for the coming week. Another trough of low pressure should develop off the New South Wales coast on Sunday and is expected to persist through much of the week. The inland trough should be over the far west of the state by Monday.

Highest rainfall in the 24 hours to 9am was 66.4 mm at Dover Heights (Portland St).
The overnight minimum temperature range was from 5 degrees at Thredbo Top Station to 27 degrees at Lightning Ridge.
The daytime highest temperatures recorded to 4pm ranged from 11 degrees at Thredbo Top Station to 39 degrees at Walgett Airport.

A showery, cloudy day over most of eastern NSW, with showers tending heavier near the coast. Showers and thunderstorms also developed in the afternoon in the northwest of the state, with the far north east and remainder of the west remaining mostly dry and clear.

Overnight temperatures were average to a little above average in the northeast, with the remainder of the state a few degrees colder than usual.

Maximum temperatures were generally 2 to 5 degrees lower than average in the southwest, dropping even lower to the east of the Great Dividing Range. The rest of the state was a little warmer than average.

Winds were moderate south to southeasterlies across most of NSW, tending east to northeasterly in the Northwest Slopes and Plains.

Today's Weather for NSW and ACT to 4pm

Highest Maximum Temperatures Lowest Minimum Temperatures
Walgett Airport 39 C Thredbo Top Station 5 C
Bourke 39 C Thredbo Village 7 C
Narrabri 36 C Perisher Valley Obs 7 C
Lowest Maximum Temperatures Highest Minimum Temperatures
Thredbo Top Station 11 C Lightning Ridge 27 C
Mount Ginini 11 C Collarenebri 25 C
Perisher Valley Obs 11 C Bourke 24 C
Highest Rainfall - Midnight to 4pm
Sydney 13.4 mm
Terrey Hills 11.8 mm
Little Bay 9.9 mm

Today's Weather to 4pm



Maximum Temperature 20 C at 3:33 pm 22 C at 3:43 pm
Minimum Temperature 19 C at 8:38 am 15 C at 8:07 am
Rainfall - Midnight to 4pm 13.4 mm 0.0 mm

Rainfall Summary



Month to date 147.6 mm 20.6 mm
Average for February 117.0 mm 56.4 mm
Year to date 196.0 mm 29.0 mm
Average January to end of February 219.5 mm 114.9 mm

The next routine update will be issued at 4:30 pm EDT Sunday.