Daily Weather Review

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Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales

Daily Weather Review for NSW and ACT

Issued at 4:46 pm EST on Sunday 15 July 2018.

Weather Situation

A high pressure system centred over the state is slowly drifting towards the northeast where it will maintain a ridge across the north for the coming days. Meanwhile, a series of cold fronts are expected to skim across the far south of the state tomorrow and again on Tuesday, with another cold front forecast to cross the state towards the end of the week.

Highest rainfall in the 24 hours to 9am was 2.0 mm at Seaview.
The overnight minimum temperature range was from -11 degrees at Marrta 1 Marrangaroo Training to 13 degrees at Lord Howe Island.
The daytime highest temperatures recorded to 4pm ranged from 1 degrees at Thredbo Top Station to 22 degrees at Casino.

A cool and frosty morning today, with cloud-free skies for most of the state. Patches of fog in the northeast cleared during the morning, while fogs over the southern ranges and slopes persisted until the middle of the day, with cloud remaining over these southern areas.

Overnight minimum temperatures were well below average, with maximum temperatures near average across the state.

Winds were mostly light, becoming moderate and northwesterly during the afternoon. Morning winds in the central coastal regions were moderate and westerly and generally weakened from late morning.

Today's Weather for NSW and ACT to 4pm

Highest Maximum Temperatures Lowest Minimum Temperatures
Casino 22 C Marrta 1 Marrangaroo Training -11 C
Lismore Airport 21 C Armidale -10 C
Yamba 21 C Cooma Airport -10 C
Lowest Maximum Temperatures Highest Minimum Temperatures
Thredbo Top Station 1 C Lord Howe Island 13 C
Cabramurra 2 C Byron Bay 12 C
Mount Ginini 3 C Smoky Cape 11 C
Highest Rainfall - Midnight to 4pm
Marrta 1 Marrangaroo Training 0.2 mm
Nerriga 0.2 mm
Camden Airport 0.2 mm

Today's Weather to 4pm



Maximum Temperature 17 C at 3:21 pm 10 C at 2:18 pm
Minimum Temperature 5 C at 6:41 am -5 C at 12:00 am
Rainfall - Midnight to 4pm 0.0 mm 0.0 mm

Rainfall Summary



Month to date 9.8 mm 1.8 mm
Average for July 96.6 mm 41.4 mm
Year to date 502.2 mm 195.8 mm
Average January to end of July 828.0 mm 337.2 mm

The next routine update will be issued at 4:30 pm EST Monday.