Extracts from: Results of Rainfall Observations made in Queensland, H.A. Hunt, Commonwealth Meteorologist, 1914.


3rd April: The station buildings at Austral Downs were destroyed by flood.


18th March: Heavy rains and floods at Camooweal and Urandangie.

March and April: Floods at Mulgrave Central Mill, Nelson, near Cairns.

3rd April: Floods in northern Queensland.


March: Floods at Mulgrave Central Mill, Nelson, near Cairns.


February: Floods at Mulgrave Central Mill, Nelson, near Cairns.


28th February: Brisbane: Considerable rise in the Brisbane after the recent heavy rains; immense quantities of water hyacinth washed clown to the city reaches of the river.

19th March: Mails delayed in south-western Queensland owing to heavy rains.


January: Floods at Mulgrave Central Mill, Nelson, near Cairns.

6th January: An extensive washaway occurred on the Cloncurry railway.

8th January:

Burketown: Floods throughout district.

Leichhardt River between Floraville and Donaldson in high flood, mails delayed for 27 days.

Floraville: The Leichhardt River uncrossable from 19th December, 1907, to 10th January, 1908, during which time it reached its highest level since 1904.

Extract from the Sydney Morning Herald, 10th January, 1908.:

"Brisbane: The Commissioner for Railways has received a telegram from the officials at Cooktown stating that heavy rain accompanied by boisterous weather has been experienced there and at Laura. The Normanby River is 14 feet over the rails, and rising. Washaways occurred at three places on the line. A telegram has also been received regarding the Cairns line, stating that the road is clear and that traffic has been resumed. The Barron River, however, is in high flood and rising. Ten inches of rain fell at Kuranda and 6.5 inches at Atherton. Stony Creek had the highest flood known, and Freshwater Creek was level with the bottom girders of bridge. Numerous slips have occurred on the range.

The railway line is under water at several places between Atherton and Tolga.

The train leaving Charters Towers for Townsville was blocked at Antill Plains; the water is 9 inches over the rails and rising fast. 625 points of rain fell at Townsville from 9 a.m. Tuesday (7th) till 6 p.m., Wednesday. The weather is now gusty. The glass at the Pilot Station fell to 29.64, and at 10 p.m. was still falling. At Geraldton all the low-lying parts of the district are flooded. The river was very high yesterday but is now falling."

Sydney Morning Herald, 14th January, 1908: " Information has been received by the Commissioner for Railways to the effect that traffic has been suspended upon the Ayr tramway, owing to flood-waters having covered portions of the line. The district engineer at Townsville wired the Commissioner that the flood-water is reported to be over the Bowen line in several places, and the water is 5 feet over the Elliot bridge. The power-house at Elliot was washed away and the boiler capsized. No damage was done to the line."

January Notes -

Mackay: River flooded with fresh water on 8th and 9th; normal during the evening of the 10th.

Walsh River: River at times fairly high, and on three days during the month fordable only by horses.

Thornborough: River Hodgkinson higher on 8th than for eight or nine years past.

Maytown: River in flood on 8th; highest since March, 1904.

Kuranda: Barron River rose 32 feet on 8th and several smaller rises of from 3 feet to 5 feet occurred; at end of month almost at normal level. This flood was three months earlier than usual and was the highest since 1894.

Reid River: River in full flood on 9th and 10th.

Clare: River in flood all the month.

Eton: Creeks all flooded on 7th and 10th.

Gilbert River: Rivers in flood.

Kynuna: River a banker from 26th December, 1907, to 5th January, 1908.

Twin Hills: Highest known flood in Suttor River for 32 years.

Jundah: River Thompson in high flood from 25th December, 1907, to about 16th January, 1908.

Windorah: Cooper's Creek in flood during early part of month.

Birdsville: Abundance of grass and water everywhere in the district. Diamantina River within its banks; no flood.

Nappa Murrie: River in flood during part of month.

Hungerford: The Paroo River in flood at end of month.

Yaamba: River in flood.

Mount Garnett: Herbert River, 8 miles distant, more or less in flood during month.

Wyandotte: Fresh in Wyandotte Creek on two occasions during the month.

Halifax: River in high flood on 9th and 30th; and ran strongly all through month.

Ingham: Rivers and creeks flooded during whole of month.

Acacia Vale: River and creeks all full, but no local flood.

February Notes:

Burketown: Floods throughout district during first week of month. Albert River and all creeks between here and Floraville in flood. On Gregory River (Camooweal side) heaviest flood since 1891, and in watershed of Leichhardt River (Cloncurry side), heaviest rains for last fifteen years. An early wet season. Vehicle traffic practically suspended.

Walsh River: River in high flood twice during month started to fall on 29th.

Mount Garnett: Creeks generally high, occasional floods.

Clare: Burdekin River in flood all the month.

Lake Nash: River very high first two weeks of month , crossable at end of month.

Kynuna: River a banker on 1st 2nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th.

Twin Hills: All creeks and rivers in district in flood.

Boulia: All rivers in the locality flooded during month.

Blackall: River in flood several times during the month. Country looking splendid; stock in good condition.

Macalister: Creeks and Condamine River in high flood.

Windorah: Cooper's Creek in flood on 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. Grass and water plentiful.

Hungerford: The Paroo River in high flood up to the 20th; now falling.

Yaamba: River in flood.

Biggenden: Creeks flooded.

Degilbo: River gauge reading 13 feet. All creeks in flood.

Esk: So far best season in this district for some years. Mail services dislocated several times owing to flooded state of country.

Goodwood: River above its usual level nearly all the month; a splendid month for the country.

Kilkivan: Wide Bay Creek full, and uncrossable at different sections throughout the month; mails, &c., delayed.

Mount Perry: Creeks in vicinity full, uncrossable for short time on 22nd and 25th; creeks in district flooded.

4th March: Portions of western railway submerged.

15th March: Floods in the Fitzroy, Burnett, Mary, Brisbane, Logan, and Albert Rivers. At Brisbane the river rose to 14 feet 8.5 inches above low water springs. Serious flood at Rosewood.

17th March: Wharf at Fairymead swept away. Floods at Gin Gin and Bingara not far short of those of 1893.

19th March: Rockhampton wharfs submerged.

25th March: Portion of Cairns inundated. Floods around St. George.

March: Mein: Very wet season. Archer River uncrossable since early in January. Flood last week heaviest ever known even by old aboriginals. The flood waters extended about half a mile outside south bank of river and carried away two bark huts erected on ground hitherto considered quite clear from river waters. Sixteen horses, gear, &c., belonging to a packer swept away, and telegraph wires snapped from poles on both sides of river.

Musgrave: Creek in high flood on 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th and 18th.

Floraville: Rivers have all been in more or less high flood according to country drained. Mails blocked.

Harvey Creek (formerly Lower Russell River): River in flood.

Laura: The Laura River blocked traffic for longer period than for many years past.

Ingham: Creeks and rivers full; some in flood.

Mt. McConnell: Burdekin and Suttor Rivers uncrossable since Christmas. Grass and water plentiful.

Walkerston: 15th and 16th creek in flood; 16th to 20th, creek and river in flood. Low country all flooded.

Twin Hills: Splendid grass rain. River and creeks flooded.

Alice: River overflowed banks during greater part of month.

Pine Hill: Belyando River ran banker during month, but caused no damage.

Gindie State Farm: River very high during earlier part of month.

Blackwater: River Mackenzie bank high for two weeks, now normal.

Dingo: All creeks in vicinity flooded.

Cambooya: Creek rose 12 feet above normal. Moderate flood; a few fences washed away.

Charleville: This mouth a somewhat unusual spectacle occurred - the Warrego in flood between Charleville and Cunnamulla. The river was at its highest, 10.5 feet, about noon on the 7th inst. Observer unable to say whether the waters reached the Darling, but it is probable that they did.

Jundah: River Thompson in high flood since New Year; and a very high flood occurred in the Barcoo.

Taroom: River in flood from 16th to 21st; rose 25 feet above summer level.

Hawkwood: All rivers and creeks in district have been in high flood; all mails flood-bound for a fortnight. Rivers and creeks still considerably above normal.

Miles: Dogwood Creek up to 30 feet during month end of month 3 feet high.

Chinchilla: Heavy floods from 17th to 27th.

Malakoff: Creeks all ran strongly in the beginning of the month, stronger than during previous ten years.

Surat: River from 6 feet to 34 feet 6 inches above summer level all through month. Highest point reached at 3 p.m. on the 18th. Bridge under water on 7th and 8th, also from 17th to 30th inclusive.

Clifton: Floods in various creeks and rivers in middle of month.

Dirranbandi: Big flood; river rose to 17 feet 2 inches on l2th, fell to 11 feet on 18th, rose again to 17 feet 6 inches on 23rd, remained stationary three days, then fell slowly; height at end of month, 17 feet.

Hebel: River in flood, 11 feet above summer level. Some country inundated. Roads on Queensland side impassable.

Collaroy: Heavy rain on night of 12th. Biggest flood for year and a half.

Yaamba: River in flood.

Burnett Heads: River fresh until 15th, and in flood from 13th to 20th. Fresh till the end of the month.

Bundaberg: Copious rainfalls in district during early part of month caused Burnett River to overflow banks to small extent.

Boonah: Good seasonable rains; rivers and watercourses all flooded during month.

Brookfield: Creeks all flooded; nearly as high as 1893 flood.

Crow's Nest: Creeks flooded during heavy rains. Ground had best soaking since 1893.

Eidsvold: Burnett River flooded throughout month; rose to greater height than at any time during past ten years. Grass and water in abundance. Stock in good condition.

Esk: Heaviest rain and floods since 1903. All traffic practically suspended for some days. Extraordinary season.

Goodna: River highest at 2 p.m., 15th-38 feet 4 inches.

Harrisville: Creeks all bankers 13th to 17th, and all low lying lands flooded.

Ipswich: Bremer River in flood; rose to 48 feet.

Kamerunga: 23 wet days. Bowen River (within 1 mile) at high tide level.

Kilkivan Junction: Very wet season. River very high at various times owing to heavy rain over watersheds.

Laidley: Excessive rains throughout district from l4th to 17th caused local floods and washaways, and some damage to crops.

Pinkenba: Floods in river, and half of Pinkenba under flood for three days.

Redbank: Flood covering all low lying lands.

Rocklea: Owing to heavy rains on l4th and 15th, flood prevailed in this district, but did not reach quite as high as 1903 flood.

April: Yaamba: River in flood. More rain than is usual in April.

Hebel: Country, which was inundated by overflow of rivers, very boggy; abundance of feed, which will improve, and last a long time.

Gayndah: Stock in excellent condition. River crossable and traffic resumed after recent heavy and continuous floods.


11th to 20th January: Floods on the Thompson and other western rivers during this period and afterwards to the end of the month.

30th January: Floods in northern Queensland.

13th to 25th February: Local floods. Rise in Warrego at Charleville; roads almost impassable. Creeks all in flood at Chinchilla. Burrum River impassable at Howard. Dingo Creek very high at Longreach.

19th March: Cloncurry: River very high; bridge leading to ballast pit partially washed away. All work again suspended on the Mount Elliott line.

19th March: Muttaburra: River over bridge; Cornish Creek a banker.

21st March: Cloncurry: Three washaways occurred on the railway line between Julia Creek and Cloncurry.

22nd March: Croydon: Country outside town boggy and impassable.

22nd March: Longreach: Thomson River at Camoola in flood, and at higher level than that reached during floods of last January and February; flats covered. At Longreach, Thomson within 2 feet of bridge.

22nd March: Winton: Diamantina River a banker.

3rd December: Cairns: Heavy rain; 575 points recorded during 24 hours previous to 9 a.m. Mulgrave River in flood; tramway bridge submerged; traffic beyond Mulgrave suspended. All creeks in district bankers; Barron and Stony Creek Falls in flood.

4th December: Cloncurry: Over 2 inches of rain at Marabah; creeks flooded, and all work in connexion with railway construction suspended. Three large washaways occurred on the Mount Elliott line.

25th to 28th December: Phenomenal rainfall over the watershed of the Brisbane River. Mary River at Gympie in flood; highest level reached, 48 feet 9 inches, or 20 feet 9 inches above the decking of the Channon-street bridge.

30th December: Mary River at normal level.

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