CAWCR Annual Workshop 2017


Annual Workshop (27th November –1st December) | Download/ Print PDF copy for the program

DAY 1 - Monday 27th November
8:30 Registration
9:00 Chris Lucas Introduction and Housekeeping
9:05 TBD
9.15 Keynote: Dr Jeff Lazo (NCAR)
9.45 Keynote: John Handmer  (RMIT) Understanding and explaining the costs of natural disasters to Australia
10.15 Vicki Heinrich (BoM)
10:30-11:00 | Morning Tea (30 Mins)
Bureau Systems and Status (Future Developments) : Chair
11:00 Anthony Rea (BoM)
11:20 Tony Hirst (BoM)
11:40 Tim Pugh (BoM)
12:00 Andrew Tupper (BoM)
12:20-13:45 | Lunch (85 Mins)
General NWP and Ensembles : Chair
13:45 Keynote: Ken Mylne (UK Met Office) Ensemble applications for high-impact weather at the Met Office
14:15 Gary Weymouth (BoM)
14:30 Michael Foley (BoM) Weather forecast process streamlining and evaluation
14:45 Keynote: Michael Scheuerer (NOAA PSL)
15:15 – 15:45 | Afternoon Tea (30 Mins)
ACCESS Developments : Chair
15:45 S Rennie (BoM)
16:00 Chun-hsu Su (BoM)
16:15 J.Fraser (BoM) ACCESS-TC3: Developing a new 4km tropical cyclone forecast system


16:45 TBA


End of day 1


DAY 2 –Tuesday 28th November
Radar/Remote Sensing applications : Chair
9:00 Mark Curtis (BoM) "Rainfields 3: Real-time radar quality control and precipitation estimation"
9:15 Alain Protat (BoM) What can our new operational dual-polarization radars do for you
9:30 Bronwyn Dolman (ATRAD)
Convection and hi-res modelling : Chair
9.45 Keynote: Israel Jirak (NOAA SPC)
10.15 Shaun Cooper (BoM)
10:30-11:00 | Morning Tea (30 Mins)
11:00 Harald Richter (BoM)
>11:15 Dean Sgarbossa (BoM)
11:30 Ken Mylne (UKMO) IMPROVER - a new strategy for integrated post-processing and verification for the convective scale age
Machine Learning/AI in the Atmospheric Sciences
11:45 Keynote: David Gagne (NCAR)
12:15 Pablo Larraondo (NCI)
12:30 Emile Jansons (BoM) Watching Clouds in the Cloud: Forecasting the evolution of cloud object ensembles with computer vision and deep learning
12:45 - 14:00 | Lunch (75 Mins)
Technology for Modelling, Machine Learning, Visualization and Data Analytics

75 mins=15 mins for each presentation
14.00 Katie Antypas (SCP Sponsor) –
Phil Brown (Cray Sponsor)
DDN Sponsor
Altair Sponsor
Xenon Sponsor
Supporting large scale experimental workflows on the NERSC HPC systems
HPC computing
Spectrum Scale and DDN storage technology
Cylc & PBS pro technology
NVIDIA technology
15:15-15:45 | Afternoong Tea (30 Mins)
15.45 Martin Kearns ( ) TBA
16.15 Panel discussion (Sam Stevens moderator) Machine Learning and future applications in the Bureau
17.00 End of day 2  


DAY 3 –Wednesday 29th November
Short term water/ Floods : Chair
9:00 Shelby Canterford (GA)
9:15 Keynote: George Kuczera (U Newcastle) On the nexus between lead time, system dynamics and performance.
9.45 Neville Garland (MDBA) Forecasting requirements for contemporary and future river system management
10.00 David Robertson (CSIRO)
10.15 Jeff Perkins (BoM) and Prasantha Hapuarachci (BoM) Assessing the quality of ensemble NWP rainfall forecasts for streamflow forecasting
10:30 - 11:00 | Morning Tea (30 Mins)
Health and emergency services : Chair
11.00 Amisha Mheta (BNHCRC)
11.15 Martin Cope (CSIRO)
11.30 Beth Ebert (BoM)
11.45 Jeff Kepert/ Mika Peace
12:00 Paul Fox-Hughes
12.15 Linda Anderson-Berry
12:30 - 13:45 | Lunch (75 Mins)
Aviation : Chair


Keynote: Mike Pavolonis (NOAA NESDIS) Transforming satellite data to products in the era of big data
14.15 Todd Lane (U Melb) Clear-air turbulence prediction for the aviation industry: recent advances, future opportunities, and challenges
14.30 Adrian Slootjes (Virgin Airlines) Value of weather knowledge for aviation operations.
14.45 Chris Lucas (BoM)
15.00 Rodney Potts (BoM)
15:15 - 15:45 | Afternoon Tea (30 Mins)
Energy : Chair
15.45 Steven Disano/Mike Davidson (AEMO) Weather data needs for the Australian energy market
16.00 Ian Grant (BoM) The growing need for solar resource assessment and forecasting and the contribution of satellite data
16.15 Grant Elliot (Woodside) From Services to Decisions - an industry perspective on good weather based decision making
16.30 TBA  
16.45 TBA
17:00 END of Day 3
DAY 4 –Thursday 30th November
Seasonal forecasting : Chair
9:00 Keynote: Peter Hayman (SARDI) TBA
9.30 Debbie Hudson (BoM) Towards seasonal prediction applications using ACCESS
9.45 Andrew Watkins TBA
10.00 Paul Gregory (BoM)
10.15 TBA
10:30 - 11:00 | Morning Tea (30 Mins)
Ocean/Marine : Chair
11:00 Keynote -David Wachenfeld (GBRMPA)
11.30 Keynote: Alistair Hobday (CSIRO) Seasonal forecasting for marine resource users - lessons from 10 years of delivery
12.00 Middleton, James, Sandry, Mattner
12.15 Stewart Allen (BoM)
12:30 - 13:45 | Lunch (75 Mins)
Water Security : Chair
13.45 Keynote: Tom MacMahon (U Melb) How can GCM modellers assist hydrologists to assess water security in 21st century?
14.15 B Rhodes (Melbourne Water) Use and application of climate and seasonal forecasts in water resource management
14.30 QJ Wang (U Melb) Water forecasts in Australia at seasonal time scale - research advances and challenges
14.45 Daehyok Shin (BoM)
15.00 A. Sharma (UNSW)
15:15 - 15:45 | Afternoon Tea (30 Mins)
Climate Change : Chair
15:45 Deanne Bird (U Iceland) TBA
16:00 Keynote : Andrew King (U Melb) Progress towards an operational event attribution system for Australia
16:30 Michael Grose (CSIRO) Climate projections products and services: providing value at the multi-decadal scale
16:45 Karl Braganza (BoM)
17:00 End of Workshop
DAY 5 –1ST December, 2017


Program to be confirmed.