Arrangements for Flood Warning Services in Victoria
February 2001


The reduction of flood impact and associated losses is achieved by the implementation of measures such as structural measures, land use planning and flood emergency management.

Flood warning services are an integral part of emergency management and influence community response during flood events. The services are part of the application of risk management, which applies policies and procedures to the tasks of identifying, analysing, treating and monitoring risk, which in this case is the risk from flooding. The Victoria Flood Management Strategy contains a comprehensive review of risk management applied to flooding.

Flood warning services reduce avoidable damage, reduce the potential for loss of life and disruption to normal community activities caused by flooding. The socio-economic impact of flood events and the advantages of an effective flood warning service are well documented. Flood warning systems either as stand alone solutions or in conjunction with a mix of structural or other non-structural measures are viewed as being cost effective and environmentally acceptable.

To enable the community to receive full benefit of a flood warning system, appropriate emergency flood management plans, flood monitoring procedures, recovery plans, and community education programs must be developed and practised.

Flood Warning Services have been developed for specific streams, cities and towns across the State to varying standards. Since the mid 1990's a more comprehensive system upgrade has often been achieved. This approach has covered data collection networks, flood prediction, local level flood plans, flood interpretation, community alerting, dissemination of flood information and community education.

The need for development, upgrade and management of services is well recognised by the Victorian Flood Warning Consultative Committee. Therefore, to provide direction on how this need is to be met the Committee has developed these 'Arrangements for Flood Warning Services in Victoria' (ARRANGEMENTS). These ARRANGEMENTS set out the background, principles and policies under which the services exist in Victoria.

For advice on these ARRANGEMENTS please contact:
Victorian Flood Warning Consultative Committee
C/- Victorian Regional Office
Bureau of Meteorology
GPO Box 1636M
Melbourne Vic 3001
Telephone (03) 9669 4900

     Glenmaggie Weir discharging floodwater. Photograph, source unknown

Glenmaggie Weir discharging floodwater. Photograph, source unknown

Bulleen Road at the Yarra River, Melbourne. Flooding a long time ago. Photograph, source unknown

Bulleen Road at the Yarra River, Melbourne. Flooding a long time ago. Photograph, source unknown

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