Arrangements for Flood Warning Services in Victoria
February 2001

A3. Emergency Management Manual Victoria

Traralgon Recreation Reserve, November 1995. Photograph, Phil Smith

Traralgon Recreation Reserve, November 1995. Photograph, Phil Smith

The Emergency Management Manual Victoria integrates into a single multi-part folder the principal policy and planning documents for emergency management in Victoria. It outlines agreed State Government policy issued under the Emergency Management Act, 1986 and encourages a risk management approach to emergency management. The manual covers all emergencies and complements the Victoria Flood Management Strategy which focuses only on floods.

While primarily intended for an audience of emergency management practitioners, the manual is designed also to be of interest and use to those who simply need to understand more about the Victorian emergency management arrangements and how they operate. It is designed to provide information and guidance on what the emergency management arrangements are, the role of the various organisations within them, and the planning and management arrangements which bring all the different elements together.

This manual provides essential information for people who have direct involvement in emergency management, whether in a full time capacity, an occasional component of their normal duties, or perhaps as an emergency service volunteer.

For those people with specific planning responsibilities, the manual provides policy guidelines on emergency management planning in the municipal and regional situations.

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